Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Criminal Trial Attorney

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By definition, Anthony R. Gualano, Esq. provides the client with an unmatched and unwavering defense. He is a passionate and relentless lawyer who successfully defends his clients and obtains the results that the client expects and deserves. Importantly, Mr. Gualano believes that there is only one side to a defense and that is the side of the client.

The fact of the matter is that clients retain Mr. Gualano because of acquittals obtained from jury trials and dismissals of charges through creative plea negotiations. Importantly, Mr. Gualano's proven track record for success against just about every criminal charge imaginable, from murder to DWI and everything else in between, is the reason why clients request his representation before they call others in the field of criminal defense.

Equally important is Mr. Gualano's proven expertise in defending against all types of criminal cases by obtaining acquittals in every murder and attempted murder case he has tried before a jury, as well as acquittals and dismissals in numerous other serious felony matters, such as armed robbery, kidnapping, gun and weapon charges, aggravated assault, jury tampering and drug offenses. Notably, Mr. Gualano has successfully defended his clients against DWI/DUI and other Municipal Court charges and has preserved the client’s right to keep their driver’s license on multiple occasions.

Upon his admission to the Bar in 1989, Mr. Gualano began to hone his trial skills by never giving up on the client. For more than 28 years, Mr. Gualano has represented his clients with the vigor of a barracuda, using only the wisest legal tactics that are only found in a seasoned criminal defense attorney. Because of Mr. Gualano’s representation, clients have returned to their families, friends and work in spite of facing impossible odds against winning the case.

Interestingly, clients regularly remark about Mr. Gualano’s legal talent and ability, but more so about his commitment to their defense. It is common to hear Mr. Gualano’s clients rave about the service that he provides during the representation, from the first day that he is retained to long after the end of the case. Since 1989, Mr. Gualano has developed skills in trial advocacy that most lawyers will never attain during their careers. To be sure, you will be protected the way that you want to be protected with Mr. Gualano by your side.

Born in Paterson, New Jersey in 1959 and having lived in the Silk City for almost 4 decades, Mr. Gualano understands the emotional and physical roller coaster that the client experiences when harassed by the police; no person deserves to be mistreated or wrongfully charged with a crime. With the client and the client’s family in mind, Mr. Gualano provides the utmost dedication to having the client vindicated and always works to ‘set things right’.

Mr. Gualano has experience defending against a plethora of criminal offenses, including but not limited to the following:




Sexual offenses

Armed robbery



Criminal mischief





Fraudulent practice

Credit card fraud

Crimes against children

Domestic violence



Drug Offenses


Gun & Weapon Offenses

Jury Tampering




The United States Constitution and the Constitution of New Jersey guarantee that all persons shall be entitled to have an attorney when charged with a crime. When exercising that right, a person whose freedom and good name depends on winning the case must choose the right criminal defense attorney who is tactful and experienced. Why? Because in a criminal case, there is no room for error. Unfortunately, picking a lawyer for the first time is like rolling dice in a crap-game and when one’s freedom and good name depends on your attorney, a gamble is unacceptable.

With Mr. Gualano as your lawyer, you are guaranteed to have a lawyer that is Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Criminal Trial Attorney, a distinction that few lawyers can claim. As your lawyer, Mr. Gualano will provide you with the best options and strategy to each charge; he knows what to do, when to do it and how to investigate and prepare for success. With Mr. Gualano as your lawyer, you are always fully informed in your case. In other words, you will always know what must be done, as well as what to expect from the opponent. Having Mr. Gualano as your lawyer means having access to and communication with Mr. Gualano throughout your case. In other words, Mr. Gualano provides a specialized service that is unequalled in the legal profession and that is why Mr Gualano's clients seek his advice and representation.

When your freedom, financial security and good name is on the line, you need a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney to protect everything that you have worked for; don't gamble on inexperienced attorneys with little to know experience in criminal defense. Instead, contact Mr. Gualano for a successful defense campaign.

Legal Experience

Over 28 Years of Legal Experience in New Jersey Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, and General Family Law Practice

More than 28 years defending persons charged with indictable offenses and non-indictable offenses including municipal and motor vehicle offense.

More than 28 years of general civil litigation on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants.

More than 28 years in handling matters involving divorce, child support, and child custody.

12 years of representing commercial lenders and title insurance companies as a review and closing attorney.

All Municipal Court matters, including DWI/DUI, Domestic Violence & Disorderly Persons Offenses.

Anthony R. Gualano, Esq. is a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney handling cases in all County and Municipal Courts in the State of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


• New Jersey Supreme Court, 1989

• United States District Court of New Jersey, 1989

• Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1990

• District of Columbia, 1991

• United States Court of Appeals, 3rd Circuit, 1995

• United States Supreme Court, 1995

Criminal Defense


Criminal charges can cause immense stress for all parties involved, and since the types of punishment can vary depending on the nature of the charges, it can be a time of difficult uncertainty. Whether it's a felony or a misdemeanor, penalties could result in thousands of dollars in fines or even years spent in prison. The weight of all this would feel overwhelming for anyone.

Anthony R. Gualano, Esq. can tailor a comprehensive defense strategy to fight or reduce your criminal charges and your municipal court charges, including DWI and DUI. Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Criminal Trial Attorney with countless jury trials and bench trials to his credit, he has achieved a level of capability and proficiency that few other lawyers can match. Whether it's a misdemeanor or a felony as serious as murder, Mr. Gualano provides a tenacious defense that has earned him the respect and recognition from judges, colleagues and clients alike.

When facing criminal charges, it's possible to feel like there's no option but to accept a plea deal. Mr. Gualano can help shatter that sense of hopelessness by explaining your options and thoroughly assessing your case with you. With endless dedication to defending his clients and having a remarkable ability to win, he is one of the most established and recognized criminal defense attorneys in New Jersey. Since March 4, 2014, Mr. Gualano has been frequently selected by and invited to become a member of The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Trial Lawyers. Membership into the organization is by invitation only and is extended only to those individuals who exemplify superior qualifications, trial results, and leadership in their respective state or major geographical area. The National Trial Lawyers has evaluated Mr. Gualano's qualifications on several occasions and extended an exclusive invitation to him based on his performance as an exceptional trial lawyer in the practice of Criminal Defense law.

The same tenacious representation is given to Mr Gualano's clients in the civil and family law practice.

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