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Getting arrested for a DUI or DWI may feel like a permanent and unchangeable mark on your life. It can be a difficult and even humiliating experience, but many people underestimate just how many options are available that could reduce penalties, save driving privileges from suspension, and even cause the case to be dropped.

DWI and DUI laws are very intricate and involved, so you'll want to make sure you consult an attorney who understands all the various details about this legal field. Defendants who fail to take this crucial step in preparing to fight a case often become confused or misunderstand DUI laws.

After 25 years of practicing law throughout the state of New Jersey, Anthony R. Gualano, Esq. can provide a tenacious defense that may improve your chances at a successful outcome in court. Laws vary depending on the state, so it's important to choose a Jersey City criminal attorney that understands the very particular and often ambiguous aspects of the legislation. Mr. Gualano has both the experience and knowledge to formulate a defense strategy tailored to the details of your case.

Don't let the challenge of fighting charges intimidate you. With his skills in and out of the courtroom, Mr. Gualano is one of the most established DUI attorneys in Jersey City. His dedication to thorough case evaluation, along with his extensive trial experience, may be all you need to secure a favorable outcome.

Should You Hire A Private Attorney For DUI Defense in Jersey City?

While you are guaranteed the right to an attorney by law, and you always have the option of representing yourself, taking the time to consult a private DUI lawyer is often in your best interests. Many people try to enter court alone, or they default to state-provided attorneys. But wouldn't you rather know that your lawyer has a case portfolio decorated with dropped charges and reduced DWI penalties?

Experienced attorneys not only can evaluate your case and determine if the charges are warranted, but they also can assess how your case relates to Jersey City laws. Representing yourself might seem like a brave option, or even a more direct and personal one, but all too often, people get tripped up in the details of DWI legislation. As a result, they see no improvements in their charges.

While public defenders are professional and respectable DUI lawyers, their overall workload combined with the need to be a "jack-of-all-trades" when it comes to law might mean you won't receive the focused and sharpened defense you deserve.

Contact A DUI Lawyer In Jersey City Today

Over two decades of experience in defending clients against DWI charges has given Mr. Gualano a rare level of finesse and proficiency. With a proven track record of having charges reduced or dropped entirely, he defends his clients until the very end-scrutinizing every aspect of the prosecution's case.

Waste no time in getting your DUI defense strategy together; contact lawyer Anthony R. Gualano in Jersey City today to get started on clearing your name and the charges.